Is social media bad for us? Can it be addictive? Are you addicted to social media? Well ask yourselves these few questions and if the answers are majority ‘yes’ then you may be addicted to social media:

  • Do you spend a lot of time thinking about social media or planning to use social media?
  • Do you feel urges to use social media more and more?
  • Do you use social media to forget about personal problems?
  • Do you often try to reduce your use of social media without success?
  • Do you become restless or troubled if you are unable to use social media?
  • Do you use social media so much that it has had a negative impact on your job or studies?

But can you really be addicted to social media? Can it be concerned more of a habit to check social media consistently rather than an addiction?

Social media and technology, in general, is very convenient for people including me. It’s allowed me to write blogs etc. however, it can also be very time consuming and dangerous in various situations. Firstly, social media leads to a loss of productivity in education and work making you waste time and lose focus on your task which will trouble you in the future which could risk exam results or your job. This results in measures being taken in these institutions such as prohibiting phones and rightly so.

Social media is also very powerful to younger audiences with younger videos keeping updated with their ‘role models’ keeping updated on their lives and idolizing them and their action wanting to be exactly like them. This to me is quite dangerous as they lose their own identity by trying to be someone else, this can also lead them to harm themselves to fulfill their desire to be them by starving themselves as well as other methods such as surgery or taking in extreme cases. This is very common to idolize musicians and other public figures and imitate their action to feel a part of society.

The need for notifications adds to the addiction to social media. Whenever you receive notifications from social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your brain will release a small amount of dopamine. This makes you feel good on a chemical level. Each time you see a notification, your brain gets excited, for example uploading a picture you’ll continuously check your phone to see who’s liking the post which according to experts on this topic makes you feel valued and raises your self-esteem.

There other dangers of social media such hacking or being exposed to content which isn’t suitable for your age or just for your health mentally most notably pornography but besides from suicide videos emerge on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and so on which can be considered very traumatizing as well as desensitize the individual thinking such things are acceptable.

There is no doubt that social media is very effective in our lives but is it all bad? What do you think? There are always pros and cons to topics like these, however, I think I’ll leave the positives for another blog.

But these are just a few thoughts I have on these topics let me know what you think on this either in the comments or on my social media (how ironic) :

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Thank you for reading, have an amazing day 🙂page_5_social_media


Season Change

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Well a couple days ago the season changed from summer to fall meaning the weathers going to go through some crazy changes. So it gave me the idea to write about seasons in general which ones I like and hate.

Well firstly I live in England so it’s basically winter 95% of the time and I literally hate. The only highlight of winter is that I get to wear most of my wardrobe and coats which I love wearing as they’re my favourite clothing. Another good thing about winter is that the lights such as street lamps and Christmas lights are pleasing to look at. When it snows it winter I love it it’s literally the most beautiful thing ever and it doesn’t snow often making it more worth while however, apart from that I don’t find winter enjoyable at all. It’s too cold, rains a lot and it’s pretty miserable especially waiting for the bus and all.

Spring is a more enjoyable season as it gets less cold and the plants look greener and the trees look more alive it just brightens up the scenery making it pleasant to go outside in but I wouldn’t have say it’s my favourite season or my worst I’d just keep it in the middle. Nothing specifically special about it to me personally but tolerable.

Summer time, my favourite season of all. Well firstly the weather is so nice that you can go anywhere and do anything. There’s no school meaning you don’t have to stay in and study. Everyone in general seems more happier, the scenery’s beautiful and you get to make so many memories. I mean there are a few things which I hate such as the bugs or you get really thirsty but you have to look past it I guess not everything is perfect but you know!

Fall, literally the worst season to me. Everything seems dull. Always raining, leaves are falling off the trees literally all round miserable. It starts to get colder and it’s the time where schools just opened meaning everything is just going downhill to me I don’t see anything good about autumn just a nuisance.

But these are just my thoughts on seasons if you have any let me know in the comments or social media.



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Artist I’ve listened to throughout summer.

I listen to a fair amount of music and this summer I guess I’ve listened to new music and old music which I’ve got back into so I decided to share it. So in this blog I’ll be suggesting my top 10 Artist I’ve listened to this summer!

10. $uicideBoy$:

A rap of duo of cousins from New Orleans: Scott Arceneaux Jr. and Aristos Petrou. Their music style is very unique in terms of that it combines elements of Hip-Hop, rock and other styles which create a gloomy and dark atmosphere with drugged out themes. I’d recommend this duo to people who enjoy loud music with a darker and more depressing taste. A few recommendations I’d personally give to listen to are; Ultimate Suicide, Antarctica, Paris and the Kill yourself editions.

9. Sayuw:

Sayuw is a soundcloud artist who I’ve been following since last year who makes Lo-Fi beats which I enjoy listening too. The beats can be considered melodic and soothing which helps me calm down at times and relaxes me. Sayuw isn’t the biggest soundcloud Lo-Fi beat maker but sure is my favourite and is up and coming deserving a lot more recognition and credit. Make sure to check out their soundcloud page which I’ll leave a link to below.

8. Samsa:

Another soundcloud rapper I used to follow early/mid 2017 who I’ve gotten back into is Samsa. Samsa is a Lo-Fi Rapper from NYC, Queens who is also a Pakistani like me!!! His subject matter of anything and calming beats makes his music desirable to the listen too throughout the day with big songs like Tinder Samurai and Anthropocene featuring fellow Lo-Fi rapper Atlas accumulating hundreds of thousands of views but my personal favourites being Komodo and Rearview. Another reason why I enjoy Samsas music and why he interests me is due to him keeping his identity anonymous which just keeps it more interesting for me. Unfortunately Samsa announced his retirement December 2017 due to his ‘heart not being in it’ however the NYC rapper has started to tweet again on his page meaning we could get music soon?

7. Earl Sweatshirt:

I’ve followed Earl Sweatshirt for over a year or so but recently started to listen to his music again and I’m reminded of his greatness. His choice of beats and delivery creating a gloomy atmosphere really creates a whole atmosphere and his lyrical and rapping ability really is top tier. Hopefully new music from Earl is released soon a truly talented artist.

6. Zillakami:

An underground NYC rapper who has collaborated with artist such as ITSOKAYTOCRY, Sosamula and Tekashi 6ix9ine. His music is very brutal extreme Hip-Hop and Rock which will have you screaming and shouting whilst he’s playing his explosive and dynamic videos will grab your attention and keep you hooked. An artist definitely to watch out for.

5. Lil Boom:

Lil Boom, the future of music. A person who will lighten your mood and make you laugh. His mixture of country and Hip-Hop will definitely make you laugh and enjoy his songs and his lyrics will leave you in tears. An amazing artist who really helped me in hard times which I definitely Recommend you to go and check out with my personal favourite song being his Gary come home cover.

4. Niki (88rising artist):

Another artist I discovered this summer through Rich Brian who is one of my favourite artist at the moment. Niki being a rising Asian artist who has released a series of more R&B track with soothing vocals. With her new album Zephyr and her singles such as “I like you” and “chilly” she definitely deserves more credit and recognition which I’m sure she’ll receive in no time.

3. Night Lovell:

An artist I’ve literally just started listening to which i came across on Soundcloud. I haven’t had a chance to listen to every song but the album I’ve heard by him “Red teenage Melody” is so fire especially the song contraband. I’m excited to listen to more and get to hear more fire!

2. Duwap Kaine:

Duwap Kaine an artist I found out through Lenarr who is so fire and he’s only 16 and me only being 17 I can’t lie he’s fire for real. I enjoyed his first album ForeverKaine and his singles such as Disagree and MickeyMouse Clubhouse he definitely has a unique sound which has potential to go far.

1. Craig Xen:

I originally heard him through the late Xxxtentacion on members only but I’ve been listening to him and his own music more which is so fire songs like bareflesh and midday really go in however on of my favourite songs by him has to be I’m a captain not a lover from Bloody shore. He’s been literally on repeat for the past two weeks or so and definitely my favourite artist this summer.

There’s so much I could write about these artist but I don’t want to over write or anything but I recommend all these artist.

If you have any suggestions on who I should check out let me know in the comment or contact me on my social media:



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Why I started blogging and my hopes!


Well, to start I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while but that’s because I’ve been super busy with work because I got a job and work late… I know terrible excuse. I need to get better at time management but I guess I need to figure it all out you know?

So now that’s out the I been thinking about the blog and where I want to take it next, I’m hoping to get an uploading schedule going like a blog a week if possible to keep a consistent flow going but the only problem is that I don’t just want to write on Anime or one particular subject. I want this to be a little more personal at times and have the different topic so if there are suggestions let me know in the comment!

Where I hope this blog takes me?

Well, I hope this blog gets a wider interactive audience for starters. In the long run I’d hope this could turn into a future career but for now, I guess it’s just a little hobby. For a career, I’d love to be a journalist but not like a newspaper writer that would be so boring and thinking of false headlines would be awful. What I mean by the journalist I mean like an interviewer you know? Like the stuff that happens at the complex news, for example, it would be so fun!

Why I started?

I guess I started because I was bored in my room and wanted to start chasing an ambition of mine? So I started. It’s been a while since I started but I kept giving up but at least I keep coming back so it counts. However this time I’ve done a more of a professional approach this time around and hopefully, it will be a better experience this because of this more professional approach.

But I guess that’s it for this blog so thank you for reading I guess if you did and if you have suggestions for anything I can write on just leave them in the comments, also, like and sub to me if you can!!!

Thank You!



Why I love Anime!

Anime is great for many reasons. Here are a few of my reasons but feel free to add yours in the comments!! Or tell me on my socials which I’ll put at the end.

Well, firstly Anime just open up a whole new world to me. It takes you to a whole different universe opening up my imagination and takes me away from real life. You basically see a new world from a whole different perspective and their views. Sometimes it is a little childish but it does make you feel like you’re someone else and it’s a great feeling sometimes. However, this does lead to a downfall that once you finish the whole thing you feel that world will never come back and you feel so lost hahaha but it’s still worth it. I love the fantasy part of it with all the different concepts of powers and all.

The plots are also amazing. Most of the Animes have such a great thought out plot which all sets in place which leaves me mind blown how the writers have such imagination and creativity to pull that off which is something most TV shows lack nowadays in my opinion, they’re just predictable and basic to me.

I enjoy how you get a personal attachment with characters which feels like you’re on the journey with them wanting them to succeed in their goal. The obstacles they have to come over and all which really makes it so much more worth the watch as it is like a rollercoaster, quite literally.

Of course, the music as well which makes anime great! The soundtracks are so beautiful matching the emotions in each scene which really gets you really hyped if there’s actions or emotional or whatever emotion it may be which they’re trying to present, also not to forget the opening which you can turn up to as well!

These are only a few reasons why I enjoy Anime so much. It also cheers me up when I’m not feeling 100% and really has changed who I am as a person for the better. I would love to know if you have any reasons why you enjoy Anime or if you don’t, leave them in the comments or contact with me through social media



hajime no ippo

The Beginning!

maxresdefault_live.jpgWell, I’m not sure how to start so… Welcome to my blog! I’m 17 years old and I want to become a Movie producer, journalist and an interviewer. I live in the UK and currently doing A-Levels for those who are reading this in the UK. I’m quite shy at times but I’m working on building my confidence again.

In my blogs, I will write about various things such as; school, music, TV, films, anime etc. I’ve always been interested in DJ Akademiks and Adam22 which are like inspirations of mine I guess you can say. I used to write blogs but I gave up quite quickly so this time I’m going to keep at and hopefully succeed. I’d love to hear feedback and suggestions on what to write about I’d be so grateful for your help.

I’m going to keep this blog short because I don’t want to overload it with too much but yes feedback is very much appreciated 🙂

you can contact me on social: